The Greek Islands


The island of Virgin Mary has always been famous for its rich natural landscapes offering a special peace, perfect for those who desire relaxed vacations. This mystical place, bearing chants of the past and a religious aroma that covers everything, will capture you from the beginning .
You will find yourself strolling around traditional Cycladic villages , wandering between ancient monuments and remains of Venetian castles or admiring the sunset from one of the hundreds of dovecotes, found on mountains, seaside villages and ravines.
Nature has kept its beauty on this island and you will be able to sense that, while you tour the villages , while you climb the hills or swim in clear waters .

Worth visiting
- The monastery of Virgin Mary (Evagelistria).
- The museum of the Artists.
- The archaeological museum.
- The monastery of Kechrovouniou one of the biggest in Greece .
- The villages of Diochoro, Triantaros, Falatados, Exomvourgo and Ktikados.
- Swimming Beaches: Kolimbithra, Aghios Fokas, Kionia, Halakes

How to arrive
- By boat from Piraeus duration 5 hrs
- By Hydrofoil from Rafina duration 2 hrs.


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