The Greek Islands


Skyros is the largest of the Sporades it is full of oak trees wild goats and of course the little horses who are smaller than a pony. The coast is full of coves and sandy beaches with turquoise waters. It is known that the island was inhabited since the Palaeolithi c period. It was occupied from the Athenians, Romans, Byzantines and Turks and was united with Greece again in 19 th century.

Worth visiting
- The city of Skyros which is one of the most beautiful in Greece .
- The popular art museum.
- The archaeological museum.
- The villages of Magazia and Molos.
Swimming Beaches: Molos, Achilli, Girismata, Linaria, Kalamitsa and Tris Boukes.

How to arrive
- By Boat departing from Kymi Evias duration 2 hrs.
- By Hydrofoil departing Volos  3 hrs 35 min.
- By air departing Athens duration 45 minutes.

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