The Greek Islands


 The distance from the coast of Peloponnesus is only a few hundred yards. The island is full pine trees olive trees and lemon trees. The climate is very pleasant and the beaches are very inviting for swimming. Nice restaurants and bars complete the nice scenery.

Worth visiting

- The port and the village.
- Galatas and Lemon forest.
- The monastery of Zoodochos Pighis.
- The archaeological museum.
- Poseidon's sanctuary.
- Swimming Beaches: Vagionia, Mikro Neorio, Askeli.

How to arrive:
- By ferry boat from Piraeus : duration 2 hrs 30 mins
- By Hydrofoil from Piraeus : duration 1 hr.
- By car: Via Corinthos, Epidaurus , or Nafplio.

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