The Greek Islands


The third largest Greek island after Crete and Evia and was once the centre of the Aeolic civilization. Famous for the numerous beaches and landscapes of unique beauty. One of main activities in the island is the production of the Greek national drink Ouzo. There are a lot of spa's the operation of which contributes to the island's economy.

Worth visiting

-The castle that was built by Ioustinianos, the Archaeological museum, the church of Agios Therapon, the Byzantine museum, the museum of the Painter Theophilos.
- The villages of Panagiouda, Thermi, Skala Mistegnon, Madamados, Mithymna, Moria, Vrissa, Vatera, Anaxos, Filia, Sikaminea, Sigri, Skala Eressos, Plomari, Paleochora and Agiassos.
Swimming Beaches: Scala Mistegnon, Scala N. Kidonion, Aspropotamos, Anaxos, Petra , Skala Polychnitou, Skala Kallonis, Sigri, Skala Eressou, Agios Isidoros and Melinda.

How to arrive

- By boat from Piraeus duration 12 hrs.
   Departing Thessalonica duration 13 Hrs.
   Departing Kavala duration 11 Hrs.
- By air departing Athens duration 50 minutes.


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