Excursions Thessaloniki

- Thessalonica - City Tour & Shopping One day
- Alexander the Great & Pella- Edessa -Vergina One day
- Dion - Olympus One day
- Meteora Monasteries One day
- Mount Athos Cruise One da



Thessalonica - City Tour & Shopping One day

The tour starts with a visit to the market and shops of Thessalonica, which offer a great variety of modern clothes and all kinds of products. We will next have a city tour. Starting from the White Tower (symbol of the city), we will further see the premises of the International Trade Fair, the University, the Arch of Galerius (Kamara), the Roman Forum and the Byzantine Church of Saint Demetrius (patron saint of the city). We will end up in the upper city with the Byzantine Walls and the Citadel, from where one can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and the Thermaic Gulf . Arrival at the hotel in the afternoon


Alexander the Great & Pella- Edessa-Vergina One day

On our way to Naoussa - a place where high quality wines are produced we will visit Pella , the birthplace of Alexander the Great and second capital city of the ancient Macedonian Kingdom . We visit the archeological site, where unique mosaics have been revealed by excavations and the museum. Our next stop is the beautiful city of Edessa with its charming waterfalls. After we will visit Vergina (ancient Aigai), the first capital city of ancient Macedonia . The tomb of Philip the Second, father of Alexander the Great, is right here. Arrival at the hotel in the evening.


Dion -Olympus One day

Dion, the ancient Macedonians' sacred city, lies at the foot of Mt. Olympus , the mythical home of the Twelve Gods of the ancient Greeks, and is named after Zeus (Dias). It is at this place that Alexander the Great sacrificed to the Gods and asked for their favor before starting his campaign to the East. We begin by visiting the archeological site with the Hellenistic amphitheater, the temple of Isis , the Odeion and the Baths. We then visit the museum, which houses findings from the site. Lunch. After the lunch we will visit the village of Litohoro , which offers splendid views to the Aegean Sea and to Mt. Olympus , one of Greece 's largest national parks and visit the cave on the Enipeas river. Arrival at the hotel late in the afternoon


Meteora Monasteries One day

Departure early in the morning. On our way there we drive near Olympus - the mythical home of the 12 Gods, and through the Tempi valley where the nymphs lived according to the mythology. Arrival in Kalambaka. One of the most spectacular settings in Greece , towering over nearby hills and villages, the Meteora Rocks of Thessaly is a geological marvel which has to be seen to be believed. Built nearly 600 years ago on top of these rocks, the Meteora monasteries, with their rich collection of icons, exquisite frescoes and monastery implements, are live museums. Only 6 out of a total of 24 monasteries are still operational. We will visit two of them: one for men and one for women. Further we will have free time for lunch (optional), in a tavern in Kalambaka. Arrival at the hotel in the evening.

NOTE: Visitors to the monasteries must be dressed appropriately. Women must wear skirts below their knees (NOT trousers!), men must wear long trousers and both sexes must have their arms covered


Mount Athos Cruise One day

Starting out of a little port at the second "leg" of Chalkidiki, the boat will take you to the southern tip of the Holy Mountain peninsula. Sailing up the west coast of the peninsula, we will admire the unique sight of the monasteries which, built in unspoilt natural settings, have been facing the sea for ten centuries. Some of the monasteries that we will see and hear about their history are Dohiariou, Xenofondos, Dionysiou, Panteleimonos e.t.c. We will stop at the little town of Ouranoupoli for a swim and have lunch at one of its many seaside taverns.


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