The Greek Islands


The island has rich geographical contrasts and combines the infertile Cycladic landscape with the rich vegetation and the plentiful water.
It is the only Cycladic island where the fountain water creates rivers which end in the sea and run during the whole year . Andros owes her beauty as well as its ancient names Lasia - with rich vegetation - and Hydroussa - with plentiful water - to these rivers.
The geographical position of the island between Continental Greece, the Eastern Aegean Islands cluster and the East and the numerous natural beauties made its position very favourable upon the spiritual and cultural effects of other civilizations .

Worth visiting
- The capital of the island.
- The naval museum.
- The archaeological museum.
- The modern Art museum.
- Paliopoli: Ruins from an old theatre.
- Messaria: The Byzantine church of Taxiarchues .
- Swimming beaches: Gavrio, Batsi, Niborio and Khortion.

How to arrive
- By boat from Rafina duration 2 hrs.
- By hydrofoil from Rafina duration 1 hr 10 min.

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