The Greek Islands


In the ancient times the inhabitants of the island were members of the tribe Dolopes.In the middle ages the island was the centre of piracy activity. In 1204 Alonisos became a Venetian colony. In 1538 the island came under Turkish rule and liberated in 1821.

Worth visiting
- The ancient capital where houses and buildings and the castle itself, built in the10th century,
   can be seen.
- The popular art museum with many exhibits of folkloric art.
- Kokkinokastro is the area where the ruins of Acropolis and the Venetian Castle .
- The monasteries of Analipsi, and Kyras Panagias.
- The cave Cyclopes at the island of Gioura .
- Swimming Beaches: Patiri, Votsi, Plakes, Megali Ammos, Gialia.

How to arrive
- By Boat from Agios Konstantinos (166 kms from Athens ) duration 5 h.
   Departure from Volos : duration 4 h.
- By Hydrofoil from Agios Konstantinos duration 2 h et 35 min.

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